Auto Insurance for Lynchburg, VA

auto insurance lynchburg vaYou probably shop around for your personal belongings, including your car, so why wouldn’t you want to shop around for your auto insurance? When you work with Leech and Hicks, Inc. located in Lynchburg, Virginia, you’ll have several providers fighting for your business. Want the best coverage with a great premium? There is no other way to do it. We make the initial process as quick and easy as possible for you. You don’t have to shop until you drop here. Remember, we’re on your side.

Customer service is and always will be our top priority. After all, without our customers, we have no service. Ensuring that your plan meets all your needs also takes precedence. We put ourselves in your situation and make suggestions with that frame of mind. In other words, we aren’t going to dismiss a high premium or disregard a specific type of coverage if it’s not in your best interest. The only thing we would get out of you being under-insured is losing you as a client. We don’t want that, and neither will you.

While we want to find you a plan fast, we also want to turn over every rock and be certain we have all the details. That’s the only way to get you the best coverage. Otherwise, we’re shooting in the dark on your behalf. If you give us your time, we will give you options, and that is a convenient thing to have when you are about to shell out money on auto insurance.

Auto insurance is more than just a requirement. Those who have had experience filing claims know this all too well. You want a plan that’s personal, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from us. Your car deserves customized coverage; let’s get started today.